The College of Charleston Launches Snapchat Channel

If you’re over 30, you may need to grab a teen to explain the next few words to you, but College of Charleston is officially on Snapchat. Bring out all the happy-faced emojis, because now you can spy on campus activities straight from your phone. Snapchat is a super popular video messaging app that allows followers to connect through one to 10-second clips that disappear within 24 hours. Follow us at thecofc to see what’s happening at 66 George St. There will be baseball games, event announcements, campus tours, graduate school information, student insights, and maybe a special guest or two.

“My friends and I use Snapchat every day to tell each other about our days in a fun way instead of texting,” says CofC junior and communication major Aleah Ralph, who took over CofC’s Snapchat channel for a day. “CofC’s Snapchat account is a great way for enrolled and prospective students to see what happens at the College from the perspective of people their own age.”

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If you don’t have Snapchat loaded on your phone yet, you can watch Ralph’s Snapchat story in the video below.

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