Entrepreneur and Principal Historian: Brittany V. Lavelle Tulla


Brittany Lavelle Tulla is the proprietor and principal architectural historian for the Charleston-based firm BVL Historic Preservation Research, which specializes in historic property research and National Register nominations. Brittany also serves as the executive director for the Charleston World Heritage Coalition and is an adjunct professor in the Department of Historic Preservation at the College of Charleston. She is a frequent contributor to local preservation publications and has had the honor to professionally support the efforts of Charleston’s leading preservation organizations, such as Historic Charleston Foundation, the Preservation Society of Charleston and Drayton Hall, where she received the 2015 Wood Family Fellowship. In addition to serving on several committees for local preservation groups, Brittany is a board member of the Charleston Heritage Symposium and founder of the Young Preservationists of Charleston. In 2014, she was featured in Historic Charleston Foundation’s “Women Who Impact Preservation.” Brittany is passionate about Charleston history and is committed to documenting the area’s heritage and historic places through researching and profiling its built environment and cultural landscapes.

Brittany received her Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the College of Charleston/Clemson University joint program in Charleston, SC in 2012.


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