Welcome to the Graduate School Research and Student Services Coordinator Michelle McGrew

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Welcome to our new Research and Student Services Coordinator Michelle McGrew!

Hometown: Shady Side, MD. Grew up along the Chesapeake Bay and enjoyed all the advantages to living on the water – swimming, sailing, crab feasts

Education: Undergraduate and Graduate Degree both from College of Charleston. Undergrad – Media Communication. Grad –Public Administration. Grad Certificate – Arts Management

Employment History: Worked in the food/beverage and retail industries throughout undergraduate and graduate school. Interned as the Event Manager for the Sottile Theatre during graduate school and really enjoyed learning about the business aspect of running a professional theatre after I had spent so much time working solely on the creative side. Spent a few months enjoying working at an immigration law firm in Washington D.C. before moving back to Charleston to work for the College of Charleston.

Hobbies: Playing bluegrass and fiddle music on my violin, Performing in and attending theater shows, Running with (or rather getting run by) my Siberian husky, Reading everything, Field Hockey, Experimenting with and trying new types of food

Goal within the next two years: Acquire my scuba diving license so I can go diving at my best friend’s wedding in Puerto Rico in 2017!

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