Guest Blogger: Ciera Gordon, Co-Founder of Graduate Students of Color Association


Greetings! My name is Ciera Michele Gordon’16. I am a proud native of Florence, South Carolina. I am a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks!  I am currently studying African American History at the Graduate School of the University of Charleston, SC. My family is filled with stories of black history. All families have stories to tell, regardless of their culture or their circumstances. Of course, not all of these stories are idyllic ones. Research shows that children and adolescents can learn a great deal from stories of life’s more difficult moments–as long as those stories are told in a way that is sensitive to the child’s level of understanding, and as long as something good is gleaned from the experience. I was always fascinated by my parents’ childhood stories and the re-tellings of the past. Their stories inspired me to study African American History and work towards its inclusion into mainstream history. Books contain narratives, but only family stories contain your family’s personal narratives. Fortunate I was able to get both. I was able to hear and read stories from books to become part of other people’s worlds, and they hear and tell stories of their family to understand who they are and from whence they came.

Upon graduation, my aspiration is to work with historic museums and/or historical sites while increasing and addding value to the representation of minority history.

History and Culture go hand and hand. I think it is very important to recognize and understand each other’s culture. The understanding of other cultures helps to diminish false stereotypes and prejudices. Which leads me to my next topic, The Graduate Students of Color Association ( GSCA). This is an organization that will make a difference on the campus of CofC. The Graduate Student of Color will seek to build and sustain a supportive community for graduate students of color that contributes to their academic development, social growth, and well-being. As the co-founder, I believe that the Graduate Students of Color Association will help diversify perspectives and increase respect of different cultures among the graduate students. The organization will serve as a bridge, connecting diverse attitudes and thought in a supportive atmosphere.

If you would like to know more about GSCA, I want to personally invite you to our mixer, Friday, March 20th at 5:30 in Stern Center Room 201. Come meet members and learn more about our future plans for engaging, connecting, and supporting graduate students. There will be food, beverages and desserts. I hope to see you there!



gcsa mixer

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