MPA/Arts Management Graduate Student Research Featured in Campus Exhibit


You might see some familiar faces if you find yourself passing by the student art exhibition case in the ┬áStern Student Center in the coming weeks. Nancy Cooper, a graduate student in the Public Administration and Arts Management programs, was recently invited to display her research outreach project in the Stern Center in celebration of Graduate Education Week. Nancy’s project, the Charleston Self-Portrait Project, is a community engagement initiative the encourages individuals to “explore and express who they are through art.” Each “pop-up” event features a portrait making station where participants are able to draw their representation of themselves using various mediums from graphite pencils, pastels, and charcoal.

The Stern Center Exhibit features self-portraits from College of Charleston students, faculty, and staff that participated in one of several on-campus portrait sessions that Nancy organized in the early spring. Stop by and see how graduate research is impacting our campus and the Charleston community!

To learn more about the Charleston Self-Portrait Project, including the calendar of upcoming events, visit the site.
Also check out CSP on Instagram and Facebook.


Photos courtesy of Charleston Self-Portrait Project



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