“Go Get ‘Em” Alumni Blog Series: Alaina Cordes, Communications (2012)

Alaina Cordes

Alaina Cordes, Communications (2012)
Marketing and Group Sales Coordinator at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

Alaina Cordes has worked as the Marketing & Group Sales Coordinator at Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum for just over a year now. She earned her B.A. in Communications from Flagler College in St Augustine, Florida and her Master of Arts in Communications from the College of Charleston in 2012 while she worked as the Student Media Coordinator for the on-campus run network, CisternYard Media.

Alaina’s ‘office environment’ at Patriots Point is utterly unique: she works onboard the USS Yorktown, the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy. As the Marketing and Group Sales Coordinator, Alaina’s to-do list varies, making her job extremely exciting and challenging. She organizes veteran meet-and-greets one day, manages social media marketing, and rebrands major programs for the Museum the next. Her job at the Naval and Maritime Museum combines the skills she learnt in and outside of the classroom during her Master’s with her passion for history and historic preservation.

 Words of Wisdom: Current graduate students should keep in mind what their end goal is and use every internship opportunity to gain real world experience. While experience is a big part of your resume, never underestimate the power of a Master’s degree.  Earning an MA continues to impress employers and may put you ahead of other candidates.

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