Bon Voyage, Margaret: Versailles Program Fellow 2014-2015


Since 1994, the Graduate School at the College of Charleston and the Université de Versailles – Saint Quentin have maintained an exchange program that provides graduate students with the opportunity to teach and conduct research abroad for one year in the picturesque campus south of Paris. The Versailles program is a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to develop their own research through diverse international partnerships.

This fall, second year History master’s student Margaret Edling will embark on her journey to France as a Versailles fellow. As a fellow, Margaret will work as an instructor for one year at the Université de Versailles – Saint Quentin teaching conversational English. In addition to her teaching duties, Margaret will also be conducting research for her master’s thesis. 

While Margaret enjoys her time at Versailles,  two master’s level students from the Université de Versailles will join the graduate student body here at the College of Charleston! Exchange students will similarly be teaching undergraduate students (except they will be teaching French of course) while they explore all of the cultural experiences that Charleston has to offer.

We look forward to sharing Margaret’s experiences abroad in the fall and wish her luck on her journey! 

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