Finals Survival Guide: Day Two

Hopefully Monday came and went and today you are feeling recharged and ready for the rest of the week ahead! Today’s tip is to team up with a study buddy to keep your spirits up and your wits about you.

Humans are not solitary creatures, and after consecutive hours sitting in the quiet isolation of the library without any interaction prove to be counterproductive. Seek out a partner in your course, a friend or classmate who’s diligence is contagious and encourages you to keeping working hard as the hours wear on. Even if you are working on a project or paper, having a friend from the same program to talk through ideas can make a world of difference in understanding, as your writing will likely reflect.


Having a study buddy will also prevent you from overworking. You  may think that a third Red Bull in two hours will be the answer to powering through dawn in time to arrive for an exam, but a partner can be the voice of reason late at night that tells you to just get some rest and do you best. Finals week doesn’t have to be synonymous with loneliness, so find a friend and help each other through to the end of the semester. 



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