Finals Survival Guide: Day One

It’s that time of the year again, and each day this week, we will be posting a tip for weathering the storm that is finals week.
So as you furiously finish papers, projects, and presentations of all kinds, take a break to check back here for some pointers on surviving the end of the semester.

On this lovely Monday, remember to refuel, refresh, and recharge as you trudge through the remainder of your assignments.

Take a study break to fill up on a nutritious meal to keep you alert and focused.


Swap that third (fifth?) cup of coffee for a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Get out of the library and take a stroll around campus or soak up some sun on the library patio.


Keeping your physical and mental energy up is the key to finishing the week on a strong note.
Also, be sure to stop by any (or all!) Cougar Countdown events today as well during your study breaks.

9 am Coffee Break – Stern Center
10 am Yoga – Robert Scott Small 319
1 pm Persimmon Café Snack Break – Rivers Green
2 pm Yoga – Robert Scott Small 319
4 pm Zumba – Johnson Center 201

Check back tomorrow for our Tuesday tip! Good luck!


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