Guest Blogger: Robyn Olejniczak

I am excited to share the Graduate School’s new website dedicated to our Versailles Fellowship!

The College of Charleston has sent nearly 20 graduate students to the Université de Versailles – Saint Quentin since the exchange was established in 1994. Students who participate in this exchange spend a year at the Université teaching conversational English courses to undergraduates, as well as work on independent research related to their program or thesis. Research topics have ranged from studying Holocaust commemoration in France to Faulkner’s literary influence in Europe to cultural differences in identifying learning disabilities. The Université de Versailles also sends two master’s level students to the College to teach conversational French to our undergraduates and work on their theses.  The Université de Versailles – Saint Quentin was founded in 1991 and is located in the southwest suburbs of Paris.

Because knowledge has no borders, the Université de Versailles is firmly committed to international partnerships. The Versailles Fellowship is a great opportunity for graduate students to gain some valuable international experience during their time at the College. (You’re also paid in euros!)

If you have any questions, please contact Robyn Olejniczak at, 953-5614, or drop by the Graduate School office.

Although it is still a work in progress, you will find useful information about eligibility for the program, as well as the application. This program is available to students in all graduate programs!

Stay tuned for a blog from the Graduate School’s most recent Versailles fellow, Whitney Adams.


In the photo (left to right):  Rachel Olejniczak, Robyn Olejniczak, Dr. Bill Olejniczak at Sacré Cœur in Paris during the winter of 1995.  Dr. Olejniczak was a visiting professor at the Université de Versailles when he established the exchange program.

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