Glad To Be Home Again!

Rusboldt and the Cougar

There’s No Place Like Home! I graduated from the College of Charleston with a Master’s in History in May 2010. My time that was spent in graduate school is what solidified my love for higher education. I knew that whatever course my life took, my career would be in higher education. 

As a student, you always think that something should fall into your lap in regards to jobs and future opportunities. I knew that I would have to work at applying for jobs, but I still had the mentality that now that I have a graduate degree I should automatically be wanted by employers.  I applied for jobs the couple of months after graduation – I mean, I applied for ALL jobs. I had my degree in history, so I applied for history jobs, higher education jobs, sales jobs, etc. I finally landed as a temp at BenefitFocus on Daniel Island.  This was a great starting place for me. It got me used to the normal 9-5 business hours – but I quickly knew that I needed to get back to the “college life.” I continued to apply for jobs, and thanks to one of my former bosses at the Graduate School (I was a GA in the grad office!) – I found an opening for a full-time temp position at the Registrar’s office at CofC.

This got me the kick start I needed to follow my passion for higher education and combine it with my passion for college athletics (I was an athlete as an undergraduate student). During the transition between grad school and “real life” my husband and I got married in November 2011 at Magnolia Plantation! It was amazing!

I am currently the Athletic Academic Advisor & Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator in Athletics at the College of Charleston. Prior to CofC, I worked at the University of Memphis in their Athletic department. It certainly feels good to be “home” again.

~Kristin H. Rusboldt

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