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Job Title: Battery2Beach Intern

Location: Downtown Charleston, South Carolina

Industry: Non-Profit – Community Organizations/Activism

Job Function: Administration, Management, Marketing, Other

Hours: 10-20 hours per week

1. Set up meeting schedule several months in advance (ensure that calendar works with schedules of Task Force Chair & Others).
2. Retain meeting place for intergovernmental working group.
3. Distribute meeting agendas & handouts with Chair approval.
4. Notify/remind participants of upcoming meetings.
5. Take meeting minutes, i.e. who says what & what’s agreed to.
6. Distribute minutes to participants by week end of each meeting.
7. Compile a stand-alone report of findings/decisions with backup detail. This could include an overview of the task force including anything that decision-makers may need to know about projects.
8. Approach potential supporters of the B2B route through marketing. This will involve participation in creating a business plan that will involve recruiting merchants as B2B supporters.
9. Keep track of the B2B route signs and dispense them to municipalties as necessary
10. Engage in active independent research initiatives, be prepared to seek and evaluate data.
11. Assist Task Force Chair with different information requests–for example, what are other municipalities doing about bike lanes – is anything we can learn from them?Qualifications:
Applicants should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Outlook and Access. Experience in research and data analyzing is preferred (as is some knowledge of SPSS, Excel, and GIS). Interns are critical thinkers, have excellent communication and time-management skills. They should be comfortable with working in a diverse and fast-paced work environment. We also hope that applicants are interested in cycling issues and research, particularly in relation to the Lowcountry.Learning Objectives:
Interns for B2B Intergovernmental working group will learn to communicate on pertinent cycling issues that affect citizens throughout the Charleston area. B2B interns will act as facilitators in the working process, enabling the smooth flow of information and event coordination. This will require interacting with multiple governments, their administrators, as well as public citizens, supporting businesses, and members of the B2B task force. They will learn how intergovernmental projects such as the B2B route are affected by municipalities and the state. Interns will also learn to be self-sufficient and critical thinkers, as they are provided many opportunities for growth through independent projects.

To Apply: Application must contain a one-page career statement detailing what the internship would mean to the applicant in terms of his or her goals. or 843-813-0101

Fax: 843-723-4139

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