Congratulations Graduate Class of 2013!


125 master’s degree candidates
4 M.A. in communication
11 M.A. in English
4 M.A. in history
10 M.A.T. – early childhood
8 M.A.T. – elementary education
10 M.A.T. – special education
6 M.Ed. – science and mathematics for teachers
2 M.Ed. – languages
7 M.Ed. – teaching, learning and advocacy
14 Master of Public Administration
9 M.S in accountancy
3 M.S. in computer science and information systems
5 M.S. in environmental studies
12 M.S. in historic preservation
8 M.S. in marine biology
1 arts management certificate
1 statistics certicate
3 urban studies and regional planning certificate




Outstanding Graduate Scholar

  • Andrew Rosen (accountancy)
  • Louisa Charpia and Darian Lunne (early childhood education)
  • Emily Zimmerman (elementary education)
  • Joseph Ford and Andrea White (performing arts)
  • Sarah Risher and Abby Sharpe (special education)
  • Kristina Held and Courtney Proffitt (English)
  • Laura Coggins and Amanda Szwarc (environmental studies)
  • Jessica Stollenmaier and Megan Valentine (history)
  • Katie Anweiler and Timothy O’Donnell (marine biology)
  • Alaina Cordes (communication)
  • Morgan Collins (teaching, learning and advocacy)
  • Catherine Tumbleston (public administration)
  • Kathryn Schertz and Alice Sorensen (science and math for teachers)

Other Awards

  • Broadcast Education Association Top 3 Paper Award – Rachel Adams and Alaina Cordes (communication)
  • LaGrant Foundation Scholarship – Jose Aviles (communication)
  • Kristen Young (MPA, for research in Morocco. See her blog here)

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Graduate Class of 2013!

  1. Stacey Goodwin

    Professional pictures taken during 2013 may 11, for early childhood bachelors degree, want to order

  2. Crystal Maclean

    Please refer to the information provided on the Senior Information page ( for details about photography and video of the undergraduate ceremonies.

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