Weekend Wrap-Up Part 4

ASWSo how was your weekend? Did you spend it studying, enjoying a hobby, or snoozing in the rain?

Personally, I did a little bit of each. Overall, it was a low-key weekend.

I spend Friday night doing some housework and assignments for my graduate classes.

On Saturday, I made the trek downtown, in the rain, to help out with the Office of Admission’s (at the undergraduate level) Accepted Students Weekend. There were over 3000 people in attendance. Despite the weather, it seems to have been a success! I also made an appearance at a friend’s going-away event since he’ll be departing for North Carolina in about a week..

On Sunday, I slept a little later and stayed out of the rain for the most part. I guess you could say that only thing I really “did” was getting dinner with family.

On the other hand, around Charleston, there was a lot going on this weekend. Charleston Fashion Week wrapped up, the Spring Jam took place, College of Charleston had Accepted Students Weekend, and more. Did you participate in any of the events or activities around Charleston? If so, how did the rain affect your experience?

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