Day of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Whether your celebrating with someone or solo, the day is supposed to be about love. I think it’s safe to say that we can expand the definition, from the celebration of loving someone to loving something. Today, I’m going to celebrate my love for – you guessed it – the Graduate School of the College of Charleston.

On the 14th day of the month, 14 reasons to love the Graduate School of the College of Charleston:

1. The programs – 19 Master’s degree programs and 8 graduate-level certificate programs with everything from an MBA to Early Childhood Education.

2. The city – From the Battery to the JI Connector, the history, food, shopping, and exploration offered by Charleston is immeasurable.

3. The staff – Although there have been recent changes, the staff at the Graduate School Office is still dedicated to helping our students not only succeed, but excel in their efforts at the Graduate School.

4. The class sizes – The next time you are sitting in class, count the number of people sitting around you. In one of my classes this semester, I am 1 of 6 students.

5. The history – We’ve had graduate programs since 1972. The College of Charleston has been around since 1770. And we won’t even mention how old the city is.

6. The faculty – Our faculty are committed to challenging students while they are here so that they are prepared in their careers.

7. The GSA – Our Graduate Student Association represents and serves all of our graduate students. You can read more about the work they do in yesterday’s post.

8. The research – Our faculty and students are constantly involved in research to better understand their fields of study and to contribute to the community.

9. The campus – From the building I’m sitting in now (Randolph Hall) to the business school (Beatty Center) down the road, this campus is gorgeous.

10. The food – Not only does the city have a lot of variety to offer, but we try to make sure that we have food at all of our events.

11. The College’s reputation – Just Google what Forbes or Newsweek have to say about the College of Charleston

12. The success – One of our alumni just recently informed us of the success he is having in Australia in his Ph.D. program. It’s not unusual for our students to say how much their graduate studies help prepare them for the next step.

13. The opportunities – From assistantships and internships to research and collaboration, students at the Graduate School can pursue a diverse set of opportunities during their studies.

14. The students – We wouldn’t exactly have a graduate school without graduate students.

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