Weekends Around Charleston

What did you do last weekend? If you are like me, you seized the opportunity to catch one of the last glimpses of summer before it slips away.


I spent the weekend with friends out on John’s Island. The property that we were on was private, but it serves as an amazing representation of what you can find in and around the Charleston area. Sometimes you have to drive for a short time to reach the outlying destinations, but some of the incredible scenery can be seen without ever leaving downtown!


We crabbed, fished, enjoyed delicious meals, played cornhole, competed at classic board games, and just sat outside – enjoying ourĀ surroundings. My fiance (did I mention I’m getting married?) also caught some unexpected visitors (shark and stingray) while fishing. Don’t worry, both of our newfound friends were promptly returned to their habitats.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our jobs and our studies that we forget to appreciate the place we live in. This week, with all the rain and flooding, made it a little difficult to get out and enjoy Charleston, but this weekend is supposed to be nicer! I propose that we all take at least a moment – just 60 seconds – to enjoy the world arround us this weekend. Maybe you will discover something new or maybe a few drops of rain will find you, but at least you will be able to say that you took the time to appreciate the day.

Expect isolated and scattered storms this weekend. The chance of rain looks like it is going to be 40% or less (http://www.weather.com/weather/weekend/Charleston+SC+29424:4:US).

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