Your Sources for Information

Whether you’re new to Charleston or you just want to get reacquainted with this city, several folks and organizations make it easy to stay informed. What I present below is not a comprehensive list of resources, so if you know of any that should be added to this list, include them in the comments section.

If you prefer to darken your fingers with newsprint, you may want to pick up a copy of the Post and Courier – Charleston’s daily newspaper. You can also find the P&C on Facebook  and Twitter. The Post and Courier publishes a Charleston Scene, a weekly guide to food and entertainment.

Another weekly guide is the Charleston City Paper. Each edition is released on Wednesdays and can be found in coffee shops, on street corners, and just about anywhere else you might be in Charleston. In its pages, you’ll find news, opinion, entertainment, and a calendar of events. The City Paper is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Skirt! Magazine is a monthly publication “all about women… their work, play, families, creativity, style, health and wealth, bodies and souls.” If you don’t want to wait until the next edition is published, you can follow Skirt! on Twitter for a daily dose of commentary and information.

Lowcountry communities also have their own papers: Charleston Mercury, Daniel Island News, Island Eye News, the James Island Messenger, Moultrie News, and West Of.

The Charleston Regional Business Journal provides information biweekly with a focus on issues that impact business within the Lowcountry. It is available with a subscription, but you can also find it on Facebook and Twitter.


The Digitel is an online site that creates and curates news content specific to Charleston. It also has a great page on Twitter and Charleston. Hashtags you may want to follow include #chs (Charleston), #chsnews (News), #chsbiz (Business), and #chswx (Weather). I also suggest #chstrfc (Traffic), #chseats (Food).

Did I miss any good sources of information? How about hashtags? Let us know in the comments section.

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