Paying For It All

As many of you know, funding is one of the most important issues both current and future students face when attending or considering graduate school.  As tuition costs continue to rise, more students are searching for alternative sources of funding other than federal student loans.  For graduate students, two of the most popular options are graduate assistantship positions and scholarships.  At the Graduate School of the College of Charleston, students who do not qualify for in-state tuition but have an assistantship or scholarship qualify for an abatement.  An abatement brings a non-resident student’s bill down to in-state tuition.

The Graduate School of the College of Charleston is excited to announce that for the 2012-2013 academic year, we have awarded over one million dollars in abatement funding, over $25,000 in in-state scholarships, and over $45,000 in additional scholarships (with more to come).  We have placed close to 150 students in assistantship positions.

We are also celebrating donations to our Deans Excellence Fund and our Study Abroad Scholarships.  2012 marks the first year that the Graduate School was able to offer funding opportunities to several students studying abroad this summer, thanks to our Advisory Board chair, Dianne Culhane.  We continue to be grateful for the generosity of our donors, and look forward to being able to fund more traveling and research for our students.

We are still accepting applications for our Graduate Scholars Award, and will continue to notify students of other funding opportunities we discover as the academic year progresses.  Please keep an eye on the financial aid portion of the Graduate School’s website!

Congratulations to all of our scholarship and assistantship recipients!


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