Southeastern Wildlife Expo

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition will be held from February 17 to February 19.  SEWE is now in its 30th year of operation, and in the past, it has attracted over 500 artists and exhibitors from around the globe who present their offerings to over 40,000 attendees.

SEWE takes place over 3 days in Charleston, SC to celebrate wildlife and nature as it presents art and educational events. Its mission is to promote and showcase wildlife art and to invest and positively influence wildlife and nature education in the surrounding communities.  They offer programs and events during the expo to accomplish this mission, and work to increase tourism in the state of South Carolina. The exposition also presents a forum to cover issues about preservation and protection in regards to nature and the environment.  It is a great opportunity to grow your appreciation of the natural world and be exposed to art inspired by the wildlife and landscapes that have shaped the region.

You can see a calendar of events at Take note of the ones that are free and open to the public and the ones that require the purchase of a ticket.

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