Inside the Graduate Student Poster Session

The Graduate School hosted its annual Graduate Research Poster Session last month with an unprecedented turnout of research posters. Jennifer Saunders, an MES graduate student has shared her experience as a presenter.

The Graduate Research Poster session last month was a great experience for me. Working on a thesis or an internship report can be a daunting and isolating task in its final stages, and it helps to have a forum where one can communicate their research and gain feedback. It was wonderful to have my research poster, “Growing Connections: Understanding the Role of Higher Education in Charleston’s Urban Agriculture Movement” be a part of such a wonderful session with so many worthy topics. My only regret is that I was unable to look at many of my peers’ posters. The ones I did see, however, were of high caliber and were very interesting. If my poster session had not demanded my attention, I would have loved to talk to everyone about their research.

Working on the poster itself was a very helpful experience. By narrowing down my research to a poster format, not only did I create a nice visual display, it helped me to focus my efforts on the writing stage of my project. I oftentimes find it hard staying focused on my research, as I try to encompass too much, but this had really helped me to hone my work. Now I find it much easier to write after having the experience of talking about my research to a variety of interested individuals. As it was the first time I have formally presented my research, it helped me gain confidence for my defense later this semester, a requirement in order to graduate with an MES degree. I would like to thank the Graduate School for hosting this great event!

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