The Cistern Yard Yet Again Receives Fame

Hopefully you were able to make it to today’s Colbert-Cain Rally in the Cistern Yard here on the College of Charleston campus. All morning, screams and chants could be heard on campus. The area was closed until noon, and at that time, the crowds came streaming in. Here at the grad school, we kept peaking out through the windows of Randolph Hall to check the size of the crowd. It just kept growing! Around 11:50, we scurried down the stairs and staked our places.

A Charleston native, Colbert was was greeted by the CofC marching band, the cheerleading and dance teams, the band from Coastal Carolina, and by a gospel choir. What was the point of the rally you might ask? For Colbert to convince people to vote for Herman Cain. After a series of jokes about both South Carolina and about politics in general, Colbert introduced Cain. “He’s a man with ideas, a man with conviction, a man with a bus with his face on it,” Colbert said. The satirical nature of this event was quite fitting for the comedian.


After hearing from both Colbert and Cain, and after hearing both of their solo singing talent, the event ending with the song “This Little Light of Mine.”



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