Green Bus

The Big Green Bus, a vehicle for change, is coming to Charleston July 14th and 15th. So what exactly is the big deal about a green bus? Well, this 1998 MCI coach bus has been converted to run on waste vegetable oil and is toting 13 Dartmouth College students throughout the country to educate people about sustainability. Their mission is to help create a future that sustains people, the environment, and the economy by sharing information and innovation.

The bus has been retrofitted as a model of a sustainable home by including solar panels, deep cycle batteries, an inverter, a bamboo floor, a grease filter, efficient heating and cooling systems, and computer cases made of recycled materials. In addition to showing off these sustainable attributes, the students will be talking to people about the little things they can do in their lives to live more sustainably (and cheaply!). So, look out for the bus, I highly doubt you will be able to miss it!

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