Graduate Open Alliance Meeting

You’re invited to attend the first monthly meeting of the Graduate Open AllianceĀ (GOA) this Sunday at 7:00 PM inĀ Stern Center Room 409. In case you aren’t aware, the GOA advocates for diversity on campus, and it’s open to all enrolled graduate students (both degree- and non-degree-seeking) on campus. We seek to promote all kinds of diversity, with a special emphasis on equal opportunities for all sexual orientations and gender identities. Whether you’re straight or LGBTQ, we cordially invite you to join our cause!

This semester, we have exciting social events planned including networking events with other graduate students groups, a large discussion panel on LGBTQ Discrimination in SC with local activists, and (of course) our return to the ever-popular Charleston Pride Parade.

The agenda set for this meeting includes the planning for an upcoming panel discussion on Discrimination in South Carolina, the first social event of the semester, and planning our participation in the Charleston Pride Festival. Visit the GOA Facebook page to learn more, or contact Adam with any questions.

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