The Graduate Open Alliance Shows Our Pride

From L to R: Sandra Causey, Jonathan Coker, Anna Zoeller, Neal Causey, Niki DeWeese, Adam Johnson, and Jen Jones

It’s been a whirlwind month for the members of the Graduate Open Alliance! Since mid-April, we’ve developed a list of goals for our organization, started compiling plans for our formal recognition in August, and even participated in Charleston’s first-ever Pride Festival.

I personally felt that it was a fitting experience to be involved in Charleston’s first Pride Parade, especially since we’re a new organization ourselves. Seven adventurous and dedicated marchers signed up, and we took to the streets with our homemade signs. We made the long journey from Park Circle to North Charleston’s Riverfront Park on foot, and it was a strenuous walk in the summer heat. But, our colorful signs (and Jen’s fantastic hip-hop moves) caught the attention of lots of onlookers. We may not have had the biggest float—or even had a float at all—but we did have a lot of passion, and that makes me immensely proud of our members.

While we marched, we were interviewed by Bryce Donovan of The Post and Courier about our participation in Pride, and he wrote a fantastic article featuring us—not too bad for an organization that’s only been around a month!

What we lacked in funding and numbers, we more than made up for in hope and spirit. That ethos, to me, encapsulates what The Graduate Open Alliance is all about. We came out in full force to celebrate the strength that comes from diversity, and I think everyone was impressed by our dedication and enthusiasm.

Of course, that enthusiasm isn’t limited to Pride. We’ll be working equally hard this summer on developing ways to increase awareness and concern for GLBTQ issues among our graduate student body, and I hope that you’ll get involved with us.  To stay updated on our summer schedule, contact me.

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