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Voting for Graduate Student Association offices opens on Monday, April 5th and closes on Tuesday, April 6th on CougarTrail. Votes will be certified at the GSA Meeting on April 9th at 5:00 PM (Stern Center 409).  Rachel Collins, the current GSA President, has posted these Candidate Bios on the GSA blog. Get to know them and make an informed choice:

GSA Officer Candidates 2010-2011

By Rachel Collins, Graduate Student Association President

Here are your GSA officer candidates for the 2010-2011 school year. Please read their bios and consider each candidate carefully. AND Remember to vote on Cougartrail on April 5 or 6. More voting information to come!

Emile Stafford PresEmile J. Stafford: Candidate for GSA President

“There’s no place like home.” Growing up in Charleston and being a part of the student body at the College of Charleston continues to present many opportunities. During my undergraduate career I majored in Early Childhood Education while also working with the children at the N.E. Miles Early Childhood Development Center on campus. I was highly involved in the policies and practices of education as president of the Future Educators Association. Being a life-long learner in and out of the classroom has me well prepared for the opportunity. Now running to represent the Graduate Student Association as president, I look forward to a brighter future.  The issues I would like to focus on may include funding, student insurance and graduate assistantships. Being very dedicated to everything I do in the classroom and at the college, I am certain we will make major strides together.

Jen-Jones-VP-Candidate-pictureJen Jones: Candidate for GSA Vice President

As GSA Vice President, I will work to expanding the scope and effectiveness of this organization.  I will work hard to increase involvement from representatives as well as the graduate student body.  I will keep officers of each program informed and encourage input on how to make GSA a more productive organization.  I will also help to increase the presence of GSA on campus.  Currently, communication between programs is greatly lacking and as GSA Vice President I would diligently work to improve it.  As a student body, it is impossible to be organized and push for the changes that we need if we do not even know one another.  I will work towards forming a more cohesive and organized student body that is equipped to improve our graduate.  I have the experience to identify the needs of the graduate students and the commitment to see that those needs are addressed.

Ashley-Blair-VP-CandidateAshley Blair: Candidate for GSA Vice President

My decision to run for Vice President of the GSA comes from my strong desire to serve others. I have learned that being an exceptional leader requires that one be willing to listen and to take action accordingly. If elected, I will work with current and future GSA officers to ensure that the needs of my fellow graduate students continue to be met. I believe that I can bring a great amount of energy to our GSA and I look forward to the privilege of potentially serving our graduate student body.

Campus Involvement: As a current student of the College of Charleston, I have served as an English program delegate to the Graduate Student Association for the past two semesters. I also frequently attend the English Graduate Association meetings and recently helped with the English Graduate Association’s first book drive.

Walter-Blair-Treas-CandidateWalter Blair: Candidate for GSA Treasurer

Walter graduated from Furman University in 2008 with a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology. As an undergraduate, he enjoyed serving as Treasurer of FUtones, the school’s premier coed a cappella group. He also served as Secretary of Religious Council, the association of all faith-based groups at Furman, and as Religious Council Representative on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. After graduation, he moved to Chicago and spent a year interning at Shedd Aquarium and earning a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Zoo and Aquarium Studies from Western Illinois University. Decidedly not fond of frostbite and longing to once again pursue science, Walter returned to SC to enter the Graduate Program of Marine Biology at C of C. His hopes for the next few years are to thoroughly enjoy the weather with friends, to be active in the community with colleagues, and to write a quality thesis with the help of his dog.

Current students, be sure to check your Edisto email account soon for information about Graduate Student Association Elections, and don’t forget to vote! To keep up with the GSA, be sure to connect with them via their Facebook page, Twitter account, or blog.

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