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Get involved in your graduate education!

I know many of the graduate programs here at the College of Charleston have their own student groups. There is also the Graduate Student Association which is a great group to be a part of and participate in. The Communication Department’s student group is called the MCSA – or the Masters of Communication Student Association.

This April we are putting on a fabulous event that I get to be a part of and help plan! The event called ‘Evening on the Equinox’ is going to be held in the beautiful Carolina First Arena in the Hospitality Suite. It will honor the Communication Graduate students and faculty in their year of hard work. The event was actually planned last semester in one of our graduate program classes, “Event Planning.”

Three amazing women teamed up to plan the ‘mock’ event, and this semester they are making it a reality. My undergraduate focus was in Public Relations and Event Planning so helping with the event is not only a passion of mine but is also giving me more experience in the area. Today I made flyers and tickets on Publisher for the event. This afternoon we are meeting about the event.

Things like this make me happy. It keeps me busy and is fun too! I encourage everyone to get involved in something during their graduate education, it is well worth your time.

Remember… graduate school isn’t ALL about research and readings and writing papers… there are fun things to do too!

Elizabeth Dorrance

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