King Street Convenience: Juicy Suits and Rain Boots

Here is the second installment of what I call, Life According to Lisle.

Image courtesy of a4gpa

Image courtesy of a4gpa

Rainy days in Charleston like today bring me back to my first rainy afternoon experience in this town. Unlike Miami (where I went to undergrad), rainstorms last longer than five minutes here in South Carolina.  One day, they even cancelled classes due to the turning of downtown streets into swimming pools, too deep for even the tallest SUVs to float through!  On my first rainy day here, I can remember my toes feeling ready to freeze off in my sandals – obviously, I made a less than optimal selection of footwear.  As far as I could see, every girl in sight (other than me!) was sporting the ever popular rain boots. Needless to say, that afternoon, I marched straight to King Street and purchased myself my very own pair of rain boots, so that on a day like today, I can happily go stomping through puddles.

The other Charleston essential I’ve found to come in handy this year has been the Juicy suit. You know, think Jersey housewives velour track suit with matching top and bottom…or, in other words, the glammed-up version of sweat pants. The Computer Lab in Beatty Center (where we take all of our classes) has turned into Master’s of Accountancy students’ home away from home this past year as our heavy assignments and work load require hours in front of computer screens crunching numbers and playing between several spreadsheets. Many late nights, security comes by to pull the keyboards out of our kung fu grips and force us to leave while we beg for “just one more hour.”  The only thing that could possibly make this bearable is that we do all of our work outfitted in the utmost in comfort, completely versatile Juicy suit.  Other than running into the problem of occasionally wearing a matching tracksuit to one of my classmates (YES, it’s essential that you coordinate), it is the perfect outfit for the long hours in the Beatty Lab.  Fortunately, Juicy has a store that is less than a block away from Beatty on King Street.

As for today, the rain makes it easier to be sitting in front of this computer typing away as I pound out assignments because it makes me long less for sitting next to my books on Folly Beach hoping to learn through osmosis. For now, I am comfy, warm, and content in my Juicy suit and rain boots in the Beatty Lab…and I now need to return to my financial statement analysis project that’s due on Thursday.   That’s all for now!  Lisle

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