New 24-hour study area

diversity dinner 2a_3I just received an exciting email from Victor Wilson, the executive vice president for student affairs.  The College of Charleston now has a new study area for students, open all hours of the week during both the Spring and Fall semesters.

And don’t forget that graduate students have their own study room on the third floor of the Addlestone Library.

We are extremely happy to announce the opening today of a NEW 24-HOUR STUDY AREA for all CofC students!

For quite some time, CofC students have requested a place that will be open all night long to study. After consultation with your SGA leadership and other students on campus, we have secured a location for you and your fellow students to study during the times previously mentioned.

The new 24-hour study area will be located in the lobby of the Education Center – right across from Liberty Residence Hall/Fresh Foods Dining Facility. It will be open 7 days a week while classes and exams are in session during the fall and spring semesters. There will be security personnel available in the evenings. Also, we have added a few more computers so there will also be access to those as well. The furniture has been changed in order to create a better atmosphere for studying. This location will be used for a couple of semesters, and, after that time period, we will look to see if it is still meeting the needs of the campus. Since this area will be designated for studying, please make sure to be respectful of your fellow classmates if you are using the area.

Again, we’re excited to be able to provide this opportunity for you and your fellow students and hope you’ll have a chance to drop by and use the facility starting today.

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