H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Update

Injection_Syringe_01-216x300Due to the success of the previous clinic, Student Health Services will again be offering an H1N1 Live Nasal Spray Vaccine Clinic tomorrow in the Stern Student Center Lobby. Please be sure to bring your College of Charleston ID. Details are posted below:

Students & Colleagues,

We have received additional H1N1 live nasal vaccine and plan to administer it:

Stern Center Lobby

Tuesday, November 17th

10 am – 12 pm     2 pm – 4 pm

We expect to have an adequate supply.  Please keep in mind this live vaccine is for those individuals who are no older than 49 years and who do not have chronic medical conditions.  If you are in doubt about which vaccine you should get, please email me.

Additionally, we have temporarily depleted our limited supply of the H1N1 injectable vaccine which we had been giving to those at high risk for complications of this virus.  If you have not done so, please email to the following address, your name, contact phone # and your high risk condition H1N1highrisk@cofc.edu You will be contacted by a Student Health Service staff member as vaccine becomes available.  Please be patient the list is long.

Seasonal flu vaccine is still available please call Student Health Services for an appointment.

Again thanks go out to all of our colleagues and students who have helped in this important campaign.

Jane Reno-Munro, ANP

Director of Student Health Services

College of Charleston

Charleston, SC 29424

843-953-5520 Phone

843-953-6377 Fax

As always, we will keep you posted if any additional announcements regarding H1N1 Influenza are issued from Student Health Services.

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