Avery Center Civil Rights Presentation


At the College of Charleston, we are fortunate to have one of the nation’s foremost centers of study for African-American history and culture: The Avery Research Center. Many students, especially those studying African-American history and literature, find the Avery Center’s amazing wealth of knowledge and resources to be an invaluable asset for their scholarly work. Their museum also hosts fascinating exhibits of interest to anyone who desires to explore the cultural heritage of the South Carolina Lowcountry, with the current exhibit featuring Sweetgrass Baskets.

And tomorrow night, they will be hosting a panel presentation on the role of youth in the Charleston Civil Rights Movement from 1960-1965. For more information, read their announcement below:

Panel Presentation: “Role of Youth During the Charleston Movement, 1960-1965”

Particular attention will be given to members of the NAACP Youth Council, as they gave leadership to direct action campaigns.  These campaigns sought to desegregate schools, lunch counters and motels, improve employment opportunities and secure all other rights of full citizenship.

For additional information contact: Curtis Franks – 843.953.7610


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