Monday Motivation: Study Tips

motivation-mickey-225x3002Class is officially back in full swing, and what better time is there than the present to set up successful study habits that will leave you happy and sane at the end of the semester? This week’s Monday Motivation focuses on helping you create study time that’s productive, engaging, and meaningful. Here are some great resources we’ve found while trawling the ‘net:

Where to Study / How to Study
Your cramped dorm room (or apartment, for that matter) may not be the ideal place for you to study after all. Pick a place that is conducive to concentration and that allows you the opportunity to focus solely on what you’re studying.

How to Study Effectively
This article lists eight effective concentration tips that every student needs to remember when studying.

When It Comes to Learning, Graduate School is a New World
Think that studying is all about cramming those facts into your head before the big test? You’re wrong. Grad School classes are more about understanding the facts you learn in class rather than the rote memorization that you may have been used to in your undergraduate studies.

Study Tip: Learn How You Learn
Do you know what type of learner you are? This article helps you discern the answer to that question, and it gives you some study advice geared to your specific learning style as well.

Note Taking Tips
Yes, it may sound basic, but note-taking is one of the most important things that you can do in your grad school classes to make studying more efficient. This article provides sound pointers on how to take notes and what details to focus on as your professor lectures.

And in case you weren’t aware, the College of Charleston operates its own fantastic study resource, the Center for Student Learning. Their website offers lots of study tips and explains how you can use the various tutoring services, study seminars, and learning labs that we have here on campus.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Study Tips

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  3. C

    Thank so much for these tips and post. I start grad school in two weeks after being out of school two years. I’m very nervous and excited but also realize it’s not going to be anything like undergrad.

    Looking forward to delving into these tips.

  4. The Center for Student Learning would LOVE to help you with study skills for graduate school- including time management, motivation to write, how to read ALL that material, and more…

    Just call us or email me to make an appointment– 843-953-5635

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