Monday Motivation: Social Media in Charleston

motivation-mickeyCharleston is a fantastic city for networking.  For instance, if I hadn’t gone to a Charleston Young Professionals event earlier this year, I wouldn’t have met Jeff Webster and Nick Tompkins. Had I not met these two, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to host the launch of Charleston’s chapter of Social Media Club (SMC).  Thanks to this chance meeting, The Graduate School will host SMCC’s Social Media: 101 on Wednesday, August 19.

If you’re curious about social networking, are dabbling in it a little here and there like I am, or are a veteran to social media, join us for this event.  As anyone will tell you, there’s no telling where social media will be in the next year, or how it will further define the way we do things.

The World According to Jared W. Smith
Jared is the College of Charleston’s Webmaster and is “very engaged in an increasingly vibrant social media scene in Charleston.” Keep tabs on the weather, BarCamp and SMC through his blog.

Social Media Club Charleston
A listing of all the SMCC events. Or visit their Facebook page.

Lowcountry Bloggers
“ intends to be a resource for the local blogging community providing tutorials and workshops, encouraging growth through traffic and commentary, and building community through meetups and conversation.”

smccCharleston Twitter Hashtags
#CHS: Charleston
#CHSEATS: Food in Charleston
#CHSBRKG: Breaking news
#CHSTRFC: Traffic
#CHSBIZ: Business
#CHSWX: Weather
#CHSCOOL: Cool stuff
#SMCCHS: Social Media

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