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Huge piles of cardboard boxesHello, Everybody! For today’s blog entry, I thought I would take a moment from the hectic schedule of unpacking my very cramped apartment and learning a new job to introduce myself. I’m Adam, and I’m the new Graduate Assistant for Recruitment and Information here in the Graduate School Office. In addition to being a graduate assistant, I will be studying for an M.A. in English starting this upcoming term. If you haven’t checked out our fantastic English program, I encourage you to do so here.

Now that I’ve plugged my program, I’d like to answer the other most common question I get from friends who are considering going to graduate school: How on earth did I get an assistantship, and what the heck is one exactly?

An Assistantship is a real job, requiring a commitment of 20 hours per week. Unlike grants or scholarships, it is not “free money.” You do have to work!  You also have to be enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking graduate student in order to qualify. Of course, this means that you will have to be very committed to balancing your time between your studies and your job!

Getting an assistantship requires filling out an application, which can be found here.  You may submit it either along with your application to the Graduate School or after you’ve been accepted. Attach a résumé to your form, and then send it in to us here at the Graduate School Office. Be sure to make your résumé extensive and accurate! Departments hiring graduate assistants peruse the applications to see whose prior experience matches the position for which they’re hiring. If you happen to match an open position, you too could live the luxurious life of a G.A.

I hope that answers all of your questions about assistantships. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or by e-mail. Now, if only I could find where my computer mouse got packed…

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