It’s raining in Charleston. Break out the Amphibious ATV.

It’s raining in Charleston.

Folks from around here know that if it’s raining during rush hour and it just happens to be high tide, there are some streets you should avoid (like Lockwood Avenue).  Heck – even if it’s not high tide, but the wet stuff has been coming down for at least an hour, you might need to adjust your commute time and think of alternate routes to your destination.

Charleston floods.  Nothing as bad as what the Red River Valley is experiencing, but enough to disrupt the day.  I remember when I was a student at College of Charleston, rainy days like today typically equated to low class attendance.  Who could blame them?  Why go to class when your route takes you through the intersection of Wentworth and Coming Streets when the water is hip-high?  Or maybe they did something as silly as me, and flooded their Chevy S-10 trying to find a street that wasn’t flooded.

Our students are resilient though – I’ll give them that much.  Once every two or three years, we’ll get enough rain that a few Charlestonians will break out their kayaks to navigate the streets.  It’s quite a sight!  Me?  I learned my lesson.  I prefer to watch our dedicated students head to class from my dry and cozy office.  In fact, so can you.  Watch from the Dean’s window.

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