ANOTHER Degree!? Now offering a Master of Education in Teaching, Learning & Advocacy.

Master of Education in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy

Now accepting applications for non-degree status for Summer 2009 classes

We are incredibly excited to announce the addition of our 18th master’s degree program!  The School of Education, Health and Human Performance now offers a Master of Education in Teaching, Learning and Advocacy.

This program is for certified teachers and allows them to focus either on the students they teach, or on themselves as teachers and members of the teaching profession.  After taking a series of five core courses, teachers specialize either in teaching children and youth in the contemporary context, or in becoming a change agent.

The first  specialization covers topics like linguistic and cultural diversity in education, and identifying and sustaining effective learning communities.  It really focuses on developing an understanding of diverse children and how the school and society itself shapes their engagement in learning and life.

The second specialization, Teachers as Change Agents, includes courses such as Teachers as Advocates for Children and Youth, and Reflective Practice and Professional Development.

Interested applicants can begin taking courses as early as August.  To do so, submit your non-degree application with your teaching certificate.  Applications for degree-seeking students will be up and running on our website later this summer for acceptance for Spring 2010 classes.

For more information, contact Diane Cudahy at 843.953.6354 or visit their website.

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