Students: A Call to Join

A call to join the master of public administration student association

Guest Blogger: Ryan Strickler, Master of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA) President

I know what you’re thinking – “Hey, I’m a full or part-time MPA student who’s going to be in the program for the entire 2009-2010 school year. I love all things public administration, and I wish there was some way I could be involved with, and give back to, the MPA community.”

I know, I’m clairevoiant…weird, right? Anyway, have I got a sweet deal for you. You should join the 2009-2010 MPASA Board!!!!!! We have every single board position opening up next year, from GSA Senator to Community Service Chair to, yes, even President!!

To blow your mind even further, here’s what you can get if you join the MPASA team:

  • respect…lots and lots of props…
  • the chance to do some positive for the MPA program, and make it better for everyone
  • a valuable piece of leadership to put on a resume
  • tons of free stuff, and free food, at volunteer events, GSA meetings, professional development workshops, etc
  • better grades
  • better looks
  • did I mention the mad props?

Seriously, the MPASA has been really fun and really rewarding for me, and I’m super glad that I did it.

If you’re interested in next year’s board, even just a little bit, come to our next meeting. It’s Monday, February 16th, 4pm, in Maybank 119

Please RSVP…Email me at if you can make it. I know, 4pm may be a bad time for you. If you can’t make it, but still may be kinda-sorta-a-little-bit interested, email me. I can answer any questions, talk more about what we do, sit down for coffee…whatever works!

Hope to hear from you soon!

One thought on “Students: A Call to Join

  1. Ryan Strickler

    Wow, that seems like a really neat opportunity!

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