Online communities – and I’m not talking about Facebook.

I stumbled across an article the other week in The Chronicle about a new online community that enhances interdisciplinary research collaboration world-wide.  The Graduate Junction is pretty new, and therefore still building its network of researchers, but I have faith. You can search for fellow researchers according to subject matter or join groups with similar interests (such as marketing, accounting, even performing arts.)  The community also includes the ability to keep track of upcoming conferences that might be of interest to you, as well as other community members who plan to attend.

Another resource for those in the humanities, education and social sciences is the wrk4us listserv.  This international email listserv is geared towards those who are interested in exploring careers outside academia.

Are you a member of either the Graduate Junction community or wrk4us listserv?  What are your thoughts?  Or, do you belong to another community or listserv that’s been pretty useful during your graduate experience?

One thought on “Online communities – and I’m not talking about Facebook.

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