A femotsecond laser imaging system is establishing in our lab.



Femtosecond laser pulse induced Multi-photon absorption:

Before the laser starts pulsing, there is no blue/cyan photo emission. The green beam is the residual of the pump laser (532 nm). After the laser starts pulsing, glaring blue/cyan emission can be observed. The wavelength of our pulsed laser is centered at 804 nm, the band width is about 20 nm, the pulse width is now approximately 50 fs. The absorption band of the molecule is around 390 nm.  Our Ti:Sapphire oscillator is working now.


We are now able to perform:

  • Time-resolved pump-probe second harmonic generation (SHG) measurements
  • Time-resolved pump-probe reflectivity measurements
  • Time-resolved pump-probe magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) measurements
  • Two-photon absorption Z-scan measurements
  • Position-resolved photoemission measurements



Pump and probe interference pattern

Interference pattern 3D view

Time-resolved reflectance for a few layered 2D material

Time-resolved Kerr for a magnetic thin film