Course FAQ

Will I have internet access while in Germany?

Yes, wireless-enabled laptops and cell phones/ipads all connect to local wireless networks in Munich and Berlin.  Both hotels have a wireless networks.  There are also numerous cafes that have wireless networks similar to coffee shops in the United States.

Will my cell phone work in Germany?

Maybe. Cell phones need a GSM card to function on German cell phone networks.  Currently, only AT&T and T-Mobile phones have GSM enabled phones.  The best way to determine if your phone will work while in Germany is to call your cell phone provider.  This website also has great information about the best way to use cellular service in Germany.

What is the best way to communicate with home?

Certainly your cell phone could be a good way if it works on German networks.  If you choose to use your cell phone, call your provider to enable an international calling/texting plan that will provide better rates.  Pre-paid calling cards that provide good rates for calling on a land line can be bought here in the US and in Germany.  Finally, SKYPE provides a convenient and free way to talk over the internet between two computers.  If both computers have a video camera, you can stream audio and video.  It also works without video, providing a free way to talk.  We have found that the local wireless networks work well to call home using SKYPE.

How can people at home call me?

If you are using your cell phone, then they call the number as they normally would and it will reach your phone in Germany.  If they are calling a German phone number to reach you, then they should use the following steps:

  • 011 – US exit code; must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA or Canada
  • 49 – country code for Germany
  • area code – 2 – 5 digit area codes
  • phone number – 3 – 9 digits

Will my credit cards and ATM cards work in Germany?

Yes, but make sure to call your bank(s) to let them know you are going overseas.  If they see a significant amount of activity in a country that is far away from your normal areas of usage they may freeze your accounts as a fraud prevention mechanism.  The easiest way to avoid this is to call and let them know the dates you will be out of the country.  Also, confirm the fees they will impose by using an ATM card in Germany.  If the fees are high, it is usually best to take out money in larger amounts to minimize the extra charges.

Will I be able to do laundry during the trip?

Yes, the Hotels in Berlin  and Munich have laundry services in house.

How will we get to and from the Airports?

In Munich we will be using the Lufthansa Airport Bus to get to and from the Airport.  Once we land in Berlin we will be taking the S-Bahn Airport express train from Schoenefeld Airport to Friedrichstrasse Station Central Berlin.

Are scholarships available?

There are nationally competitive study abroad scholarships available such as the Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Scholarship  and Benjamin A. Gilman Award.

For College of Charleston students: The College offers competitive scholarships.   The details can be found here.  This page also details more nationally competitive scholarships open to all students.

In addition to checking out the link above, non-College of Charleston students should also check with their college’s or university’s study abroad/ international studies office.  Oftentimes, there are competitive grants within colleges or universities that can be applied to outside programs.