Neuroscience Seminar in Germany is Cancelled for Summer 2022

Neuroscience Seminar in Germany is a summer study abroad program for undergraduate students interested in Neuroscience.  It is a collaboration between the College of Charleston, the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU) in Munich and Charité Medical University in Berlin. Since 2012, the course has brought together neuroscience students from across North America to engage with cutting edge neuroscience research while immersing themselves in the deep history of the discipline found in Germany.  The course can also be stepping off point for future neuroscience research experiences abroad. Former students have returned to Germany to do summer research through the RISE program, several students have earned Fulbrights and spent a year in Germany, and several have also applied to German neuroscience graduate programs.

Past Student Reflections

“The Neuroscience Seminar in Germany was a great introduction to a wide variety of neuroscience research questions and techniques on a global scale. This course showcases the broad spectrum of research questions being addressed in Berlin and Munich labs—from the more clinical perspective of the physiology of schizophrenia and pain to the basic and ethological perspectives of comparative brain development across taxa and the neurobiology of echolocation in bats. Taking the course opened my eyes to the exciting research opportunities available in Germany, as well as the rich cultural and historic aspects of German life. The seminar renewed and clarified my interest in pursuing a research career and inspired me to perform my own research in Munich via a Fulbright Study Research Grant” 

Patricia Cooney, College of Charleston ’16
2015 Neuroscience Seminar in Germany; 2016 Fulbright Scholar – Munich

“The GSN FUN program was a thrilling and extraordinary experience. It was one of the most immersive and enlightening courses I have taken in my neuroscience degree. The rich focus on various topics gave me a very clear impression of the field of Neuroscience. I have since applied to the GSN graduate programs that I visited during the seminar in Munich. I highly recommend this program to students who have a serious interest in the psychology, neurobiology, cellular physiology, or the medical applications of neuroscience”

Julian Moore, University of Michigan ’18
2017 Neuroscience Seminar in Germany

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