Professors Drager & Craig Take Us Somewhere New

We are so pleased to welcome our new faculty Dr. Jacob Craig and Dr. Lindsey Drager. With their arrival, students will have new ways of thinking about what it means to be a writer in the most expansive way possible. Drager,…

Faculty Notes (2016)

John Bruns In March/April of 2016, John Bruns attended the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference in Atlanta and presented a paper entitled, “Showtime! Under the Spell of Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success.” The paper was developed into a book…

English Major Cathy Keaton Featured in The College Today

The College Today published a feature on English major Cathy Keaton and her success pursuing a degree as a nontraditional student. Senior Citizen Pursues Lifelong Goal to Earn Degree

Happy Birthday, John Keats!

We all know that October 31st is Halloween, but did you know it was also John Keats’s birthday? In English 350, Keats, we celebrated both in style by having cupcakes and reading the decidedly macabre Isabella, or the Pot of…

English Majors Garruzzo and Rink Present at the Citadel

  Those who teach writing often find themselves invoking analogies to try and describe a certain skill. Create a “quote sandwich” we say to students in first-year academic writing. Or perhaps the stakes of a messy quote integration are clarified…

Student Newspaper Honors Conseula Francis and Alison Piepmeier

The College of Charleston’s student run magazine–The Yard–recently published an inspiring piece on the two beloved colleagues we lost this year. Courtney Eker and Justine Hall write in “Our Wonder Women: The legacies of Conseula Francis and Alison Piepmeier” of these…

Alumni News (2016)

It is always great to hear from so many of you! These annual updates help the English Department get a better sense of the wide variety of jobs and hobbies that our graduates pursue. Note that we are still adding updates…

Post&Courier Highlights New MFA Program

The English Department’s new MFA in Creative Writing made the front page of the Charleston Post and Courier on Sept. 12. College of Charleston bets on its students with new creative writing master’s program  

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