Student Newspaper Honors Conseula Francis and Alison Piepmeier

francisThe College of Charleston’s student run magazine–The Yard–recently published an inspiring piece on the two beloved colleagues we lost this year. Courtney Eker and Justine Hall write in “Our Wonder Women: The legacies of Conseula Francis and Alison Piepmeier” of these two women–of the extraordinary activism, scholarship, and friendship that they inspired on campus, in the broader Charleston community, and beyond. The piece begins:

Fierce. Magnificent. Activist. Inspiring. Badass. Family.

If you could sum up the legacy of two vibrant, passionate and influential women in one word, what would it be?

Alison Piepmeier and Conseula Francis were more than colleagues of the College of Charleston faculty. They were friends — family. They spent weekends and holidays with each other and their children. They published together. With their third counterpart, political science professor Claire Curtis, they formed what Curtis called a “smug writing group.” They made an impact on the College of Charleston campus community through their courses, their involvement, their compassion and their activism for social and racial justice.

You can read the piece in its entirety over at The Yard.