Film Club Workshops!

Throughout the first half of this semester, Film Club held four workshops! The first was a camera workshop, where students learn the basics of digital cinema cameras and become certified to use Addlestone Library’s camera equipment.

Shortly after, the club held a screenwriting workshop, where actor, screenwriter, director, and theatre professor Michael Smallwood gave students tips and tricks for their Screenwriting Contest entries.

Officer Keller Hollingsworth leading the Camera Workshop
Michael Smallwood answering questions during the Screenwriting Workshop







In association with CisternYard Video, the club offered an editing workshop, where students could learn and practice the editing tools in Adobe Premiere. Addlestone’s Production Lounge in Room 120 gives students access to computers equipped with the editing software!

Lastly, club officers lead a production workshop, which outlined the process of taking a short film through pre-production, shooting, and editing. This workshop also included information about film production roles and their different responsibilities.

All of these workshops aim to help students create short films of their own and prepares them for the club’s annual spring production. Be on the lookout for more workshops like these from Film Club!

Officers Anna Deason, Bristol Barnes, and Max Meyers at the Production Workshop
Film Club Member at the Editing Workshop

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