18th Annual Student Film Festival Recap

Thank you to all who attended the 18th Annual Student Film Festival! The night was an incredible success and we are so proud of all who submitted short films. Five of the eleven filmmakers to submit films this year were from The College of Charleston and we would like to briefly highlight their work. 

Writer/Director Natalie Dixon (left) and Acrtess Priscilla Vanartsdalen (right) of “Roses”

Noah Futch wrote and directed his immensely creative horror short “Shudder” about a college student and her haunted camera. Bristol Barnes directed and co-starred in “Crash [Cymbal]”, a film with impressive improvised acting about two band members on their way to sell a drum set. Keller Hollingsworth directed “Hung by a Rubbish Hangman”, a scene from Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen where a man on death row protests his innocence. Max Meyers directed an abstract short capturing the beautiful atmosphere at the Battery one early spring evening titled, “Stories from the Pink Pier”. Natalie Dixon wrote and directed “Roses”, a breathtaking story about accepting fate and dealing with difficult decisions. Natalie’s screenplay won the Fall Screenwriting Contest and was produced by Anna Deason, Thea Eiland, Caroline Drinnon, and the other Film Club Officers.

Film Club Officer Caroline Drinnon (left) discussing the film “Manic Love” with director Raquel Doubal (right)

Following the film screenings, Dr. Colleen Glenn and Dr. John Bruns of the Film Studies Department honored all of the graduating students within the department.

This year’s panel of judges consisted of Dr. Jeffery Youn, Dr. Garret Davidson, Dr. Colleen Glenn, and Professor Perrin Moore. Awards were given to first, second, and third place winners in addition to an honorable mention and, for the first time, an audience’s choice award.

1st Place Winner – “Hung by a Rubbish Hangman” dir. Keller Hollingsworth

2nd Place Winner – “Anthony Damir” dir. Ally Suyat

3rd Place Winner – “This Too Shall Pass” dir. Corey Connor

Honorable Mention – “What’s Left at the End of the World” dir. Connor Kelly & Charlie Parker

Audience’s Choice – “This Too Shall Pass” – dir. Corey Connor

Congratulations to all of the talented filmmakers and thank you again to all who attended! Special thanks to James Seezen, Kate Stribling, and Matthew Norton-Baker for volunteering their time. Thanks to Brian Porter and the Queen Street Playhouse for allowing us to use their fantastic space. Lastly, thanks to Claire Oliver, Kate Culpepper, and Ethan Cole from CisternYard Video for photography of the event and conducting interviews with filmmakers. We’re already excited for next year’s festival!

Film Club Officers presenting President Max Meyers with flowers. From left to right: Keller Hollingsworth, Thea Eiland, Bristol Barnes, Madison Berry, Max Meyers, Caroline Drinnon

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