Film Studies abroad! Images from Florence, Italy, 2022.

This Spring semester, Dr. Colleen Glenn, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies, was among a small group of faculty from Communication and History leading a semester-long program in Florence, Italy. Dr. Glenn taught two film courses: ENGL 212: The Cinema: History and Criticism, and ENGL 390: Studies in Slow Cinema.

On March 24, students attended the Florence premiere of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza at the Cinema Odeon Teatro. The Odeon has a long and interesting history. Built in a large Renaissance-style palace, the Odeon officially opened its doors in December, 1922. Originally intended to be a hotel, the owners decided instead to turn the space into a large movie theatre. It’s a well-preserved dream palace right in the heart of city center. The students got a quick mini-lecture from an expert on cinema in Florence before attending the screening. Below is an image from a walking tour students enrolled in Dr. Glenn’s Slow Cinema course did that included prominent shooting locations for movies made/shot in Florence. Beneath that is an image taken just before showtime.

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