Plastic Art

Today there are many different forms of art and today there is also a lot of pollution and some artist will collect plastic waste and make it into art. An artist I found named Eduardo Srur one of his pieces of artwork is very interesting in this art installation the setting is in what one would a assume is an aquarium and in the aquarium is all types of plastic and waste. That could be found in the ocean and there are people there pointing and looking at all the garbage and being in awe.

What he is saying about us is that even if an issue is raised and is put in front of people they will still be ignorant to it even if its in their face. It can also be thought of as plastic taking over the wild life and if the pollution is not stopped our marine life will be the equivalent of plastic bags because that will be all there is for them to eat. I really enjoyed all the angels that the pictures where in.  It reminds me of angels that would be used to take pictures of fish but in fact it is garbage that is possibly in the oceans.

To observe some possible biased when looking at Eduardo’s site with all his art installations he has a few pieces that relate to the plastic pollution problem. In each piece there is the idea of people ignore the issue at hand and continue on with their lives. I think he does have a biased when it comes to the subject of plastic pollutants.

all these pictures are taken by Eduardo Srur from 2014

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