Time to Ban the Bags

 In my opinion plastic pollution is 100% not talked about enough. All over the world we are using tons of plastic and it’s just a waste and we are worsening our environment by the second.There aren’t enough news articles that are making the front page and spreading awareness today and we need to start to spread the word before it’s too late. Since Covid hit so many people have had time to sit at home and realize a bit more about what’s going on around them but that still isn’t enough. Now here’s one thing that is happening across the water I just read about that is going to benefit our environment over the next year and I’m really happy to read about it. Over in France starting in January they are planning to ban plastic packaging from fruits and vegetables. Below is a picture of the unnecessary plastics that are used to help keep fruit fresh. But we need to start finding better alternatives for this. 

Even though this isn’t happening in our country this may boost other countries to start to do the same. The government says that it “ expects to prevent the use of more than 1 billion plastic packages a year” Which our environment is excited to hear about. They have about 30 fruits and vegetables that have been administered to have a plastic packaging band for them. leeks, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes and carrots, large tomatoes, onions and turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, parsnips, radishes, and root vegetables, the ministry said in a statement. And that it’s just the start. Hopefully over the next coming years they will start to add more items from sale in plastic. I love that France has started to make their mark on plastic pollution and try to limit plastic waste as much as they can. I hope other countries see this big step that they took and start to take action from this as well. We need to start focusing more on how we treat our earth and stop being so lazy. When you were first introduced to plastic we thought it would help benefit us because we didn’t always have to clean the dishes and it makes carrying things from the grocery store easier. But now we have gotten too lazy with it and we are using plastic in dumb ways where we dont need it. We see it everywhere. We sit in the grocery store and restaurants in our homes. We even basically put it into our systems by digesting micro plastics. None of this is hoping for us in a healthy way and it’s not helping my environment either. People need to start making their small changes and deleting plastic in their life could help to make their environment healthier in so many ways. And for that fact governors and ministers need to start taking action so that the plastic that builds up in our grocery stores and restaurants doesn’t keep hurting the consumers and the planet around us. I hope this change in France starts a movement so that the next generation doesn’t have to worry about the damages we made and just left for them to clean up.

2 thoughts on “Time to Ban the Bags

  1. Logan, your post really hit home for me. Today I went grocery shopping at Publix and picked up fruits and vegetables and every item I bought had plastic packaging tightly sealing the item. I agree that we all need to stop being lazy and put the effort into being more sustainably conscious but how do we do that if our products are out of our control? The answer is like you said, to contact our officials and advocate for ourselves and the environment. Giant companies constantly ignoring the environment is an ongoing frustration that I deal with but I’m glad that you share the same thoughts because even though we are only two people, we can both make a huge impact! I am also glad to see places like France making an effort to decrease plastic packaging. I hope the United States catches on soon!

  2. Hey Logan! I’ve heard about this and I think it’s important that France takes the first step and bans plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables. For the consumer, this is a relatively small change, but small steps can be important in the fight against plastic pollution for our environment. I hope that this is an inspiration for other countries and that further steps are taken in this direction.

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