Something Must Change

We all just went through a major change in our life – possibly one of the most influential changes we will go through. Moving to college. This was a complete lifestyle change, new friends new surroundings new classes, it all can get really overwhelming sometimes. However, we have been here for a few weeks and are beginning to create a schedule and daily routine, which has made this whole change feel a bit better and normal. Now that I am in a routine, I feel that its time to make some smaller changes, to make our earth a bit happier

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After having discussed what changes I could make, I stopped throwing away our plastic silverware, now it gets washed. The only tough part of that is sometimes I forget, or catch my roommates throwing it away. However we just started to treat our plastic silverware as normal silverware, there’s no need to throw it away unless it cant be washed. Secondly, I have started using my metal hydro flask for most drinks and stopped buying plastic water bottles out of convenience (also have saved myself some money:)) Something else I changed was I bought a makeup eraser, rather than using the disposable makeup wipes, you just rinse it out after every use and throw it in the washing machine once a week. Something else I have been wanting to try is the shampoo and conditioner bars, rather than bottles of shampoo and conditioner. hair body bar boxes

They save a lot of plastic and the packaging is biodegradable. However, I have yet to buy them. I did move from a bottle of body wash to just a bar of dove soap, which does the same job and just reduces your plastic footprint! Something else I think would be good is metal reusable Keurig cups. My roommates and I throw away at least 4 cups a day, I think we bought our own coffee blends and got reusable products, we would change that number down to 0 cups thrown away. I honestly have been finding my small changes to be better, I have to go out less to buy these unnecessary plastic products that will just end up in the landfill, hurting our planet.

Some challenges I have faced are keeping up with my new changes and making sure that I can follow through with everything I promised myself. Another challenge is trying to help my roommates out and having them try to stick with what I am doing, which works for the most part because these are changes that don’t have to be difficult!