My favorite channel to watch is TLC. While turning to the station I came across the TV show Tiny House, Big Living. At first I thought these people were crazy for wanting to live in such tiny spaces so I turned the TV and did not think twice about it. I just thought that people wanted to live like that only because they wanted to travel more. By not having to pay for an expensive house they would have more funds for travel but what I came to discover is that they wanted this lifestyle for something much more. After watching Minimalism I finally understood the reason why people would want to live that way. People want to live that way because they are happy and content with the little stuff that they have. They do not need money or items to make them happier. It is because we live in a world where people are constantly focused on what items or materials they have. I can say that I am quite guilty for this. I am the type of person who likes to keep up with technology and fashion. In the documentary they talked about how we will never be satisfied with what we have. I took a step back and actually realized how much stuff I have that I do not need. I decided to take action on this addiction. I went into my closet and took out all of the clothes that I have not worn in a year. I then put them in a bag an donated them to goodwill. The documentary also talked about two guys who both quit their jobs to become minimalist. I do not think that I could just up and quit my job like they did. I believe that you can be a minimalist with your job that you have with whatever amount of money you make. I do not think that I could be a minimalist but I applaud people who do. It’s amazing how such little things can mean the most.

Charleston’s Green Businesses

Before this class I did not think twice about the green businesses. It was like they did not even exist in my mind. I was the type of person that did not care about the environment. I think my blindness of whats going on was because of the the lack of education in the environmental area. I was very curious about the green businesses in the Charleston area so I did some research. I came across the Green Business Challenge. For this challenge businesses have to figure out what areas they want to improve on by going green. These areas are but not limited to energy and waste stewardship, waste reduction, green and local purchasing, and healthiness of the work place. Some of the business that participated in this challenge is SCEG, Charleston Water System, and Boeing. This is a great idea for businesses to prove to themselves that they can do something green for the environment. It is also a great attention grabber. If someone sees that this business is winning awards for going green/greener  then this is only more profit for the company. When people see that the company cares enough about the environment and not just about taking money as everyone thinks then it only drives them in to support this company in a positive way. This is a great step in the right direction for becoming greener. If only every company tried to improve their impact on the environment but hopefully one day we can make it to where everyone is going green.

My Big Lifestyle Change

Three, Two, One, Happy New Year! Time to make my new years resolution. My goal for this year is to go to the Gym Monday- Friday for forty-five minutes to an hour. Now everyone knows that new years resolutions sometimes do not last long. This new routine worked out pretty well until school started and also work. Being a full time student and going to work straight after school has not been one of my favorite past times. I started to realize really quiz how much my body hated me because I was not getting the proper rest that I needed.

Along with the gym resolution I made up one for my diet as well. I had decided that I was going to go fully Organic non GMO products along with little amounts of meat. Purchasing the products and sticking to organic non GMO products was the easiest part of this resolution. The meat on the other hand was not. Living and walking in downtown Charleston is an awful thing when your on a diet. You start to smell the aromas of the food which then becomes a distraction.

So far I have been sticking to my diet. After a month of eating right I can tell the difference in the energy that I have. One day I had a cheat day to where I stopped at a fast food restaurant and it did not go well. My stomach is so use to not having that type of food for a month that it will dislike anything but my diet. I am still trying to work out the whole gym schedule. The concept of the gym and diet is not to mainly loose weight but to fix the bad habits that I have developed.  I understand that not everyone is perfect with trying to stick with their resolution. It’s just that I do not want to give up so easily on the healthy lifestyle change that I need.