Extra Credit Blog Post: Organic Valley

When trying to think about something to write about for my extra credit blog post, I decided that I wanted to browse the internet for different sustainability initiatives that might be happening that I am not aware of.  That search led me to Organic Valley.  Organic Valley started out as a group of local farmers in Wisconsin who were very unhappy with what farming was turning into- less local and more industrialized.  Organic Valley’s mission is to change the way people think about food and they have set high standards for themselves.  Organic Valley has various product like milks, yogurts, and protein shakes.  I really liked how their website is really neat and organized and actually answers a lot of questions that someone who is unfamiliar with the idea of organic food may want to know.  The company tries to use mostly natural light and was built out of mostly locally recycled materials.  I also really liked how on Organic Valley’s website there was an entire section dedicated to meeting the farmers that work for the company. In this section they let you know that they are much more worried about the quality of their products and the families and farmers both working for the company and also the consumers buying from the company than they are about the profit and who gets what.  The website also has a section on the care of their animals and an option for you to take a virtual farm tour.  Overall, I just thought this company was really neat and helpful for someone who may be wanting to start their journey of eating more organic.





Trump’s anti-ecofeminism

I have noticed, and I’m sure many of you guys have also, a lot of changes our current President has been attempting to get through within the first couple of month in his presidency. Many of the changes that have been not so popular in my book have a great deal to go with the environment and women. This made me think back to our class discussion on ecofeminism, and why it’s so relevant today. This link between harm to the environment and harm to women’s rights at the hands of men is still a large problem today in politics.

In his first couple of months President Trump has made moves to cut funding for the EPA, has advanced the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, signed executive orders to defund Planned Parenthood, and made attempts to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. One thing I found particular disturbing with his replacement healthcare plan is that it includes things such as rape, as a “pre existing condition”.  With all these actions attempted so quickly it is hard not to notice a pattern of exploitation of the environment and male dominance over women’s rights with Trump and his white, male, conservative cabinet.

This is a time in history when environmentalists and feminists need to come together more than ever, to fight for these just causes. In order to make a movement for a change one needs to express their opinions and use their voice.